First day of classes
First day of classes

Welcome to the Canada Uganda EMS Society’s new home on the web!

The Canada Uganda EMS Society (CUES) is an Alberta-based volunteer society working to develop a grassroots EMS program in Kampala, Uganda.

Our mission is to provide quality accessible pre-hospital emergency care to the people of Kampala, transcending the boundaries of class and economic status.

Phase 2 is underway! – the team is in Uganda. You can follow their progress on Facebook.

Phase 1 (gallery) took place in February 2018 (first day of classes, left).

Phase 2 Donors Our thanks to those who have contributed to our Phase 2 project.

The Phase 2 volunteers have been selected, see our Bios page. If you are interested, keep your eyes open for Phase 3, which will open sometime next year.

You can also find us on Facebook.

We now have a fundraising page: CUES GoFundMe Page. You can help by giving, or if that’s not an option, by sharing the page with family, friends, and colleagues.

The CUES Team