Board Members

President - Paul Godel

President – Paul Godel

Paul Godel originally contacted Hapa Resources in Uganda with the plan to go over and help out with some public health outreach programs, but when discussions showed that there was essentially no pre-hospital emergency medicine for ordinary people this program was developed. Paul led the Phase 1 pilot project in February 2018.

He is a 10 year veteran Primary Care Paramedic with Alberta Health Services EMS, a field he selected as his retirement gig following a long career as a teacher and school administrator. He has been a volunteer firefighter/medical co-responder for 28 years, and has been involved in community recreation, culture, and coaching for many years.

He is married, with a blended family of 5 children, and has one grandson.

Board Member - Victoria Reeves

Board Member – Victoria Reeves

Victoria Reeves is an experienced adult education worker and a 9-year veteran volunteer firefighter. She coordinates and teaches safety and emergency response courses, primarily in Industrial and Fire settings. Her experience and drive will be vital in the success of our program.

Victoria is married with one child, and lives in north central Alberta.

We are very happy to have Victoria as part of the team!

Victoria was a member of the Phase 1 pilot project in February 2018.

Board Member - Meg Omand

Board Member – Meg Omand

Meg Omand was one of the first people to express interest, and her enthusiasm is only exceeded by her expertise.

Meg is a Registered Nurse working on beautiful Haida Gwaii on the west coast of Canada. She also works as an EMR with BC Ambulance Service.

Meg has a wealth of international experience, as well as certification in ACLS, Trauma Nursing, Emergency Practice Interventions and Care, Pediatric Acute Life Support, and others. She is fluently bilingual in English and French, as well as able to converse in Spanish. Meg is also an award winning athlete and outdoors enthusiast.

Meg was a member of the Phase 1 pilot project in February 2018.

Board Member/Volunteer - Brian Peterson

Board Member – Brian Peterson

Brian is a retired businessman who has lived most of his life in Northwestern Alberta. He has travelled extensively, including an earlier trip to Uganda, and spends his “free” time with his family, including numerous grandchildren. He is heavily involved in municipal politics, and has also spent many years as a volunteer firefighter and first-responder.

Board Member - Paula Bissell

Board Member – Paula Bissell

I’m a nurse, a mother, an animal rescuer and finally have over 15 years in accounting backgrounds. At the end of my life I simply want to leave the world better than I found it.

Ugandan Project Partner

Ugandan Project Partner - Timothy Walsh

Ugandan Project Partner
Timothy Walsh

My name is Timothy Walsh and I am a 32 year old Ugandan that is so much interested in community development work in the areas of; education, health, youth empowerment and livelihood promotion. I was born in Kampala and have worked as a youth educator for the past 10 years at Kawempe Youth Centre and through my passion for development work, I founded an organization called Hapa Resources in 2015. Hapa is Swahili for “Here” and my goal is to establish grassroots health programs that attract partnerships that connect development communities to share, empower and improve lives by getting resources to where they can most create an impact in the lives of people.

Phase 2 Volunteers

Volunteer - Denise Vanderkooi

Volunteer – Denise Vanderkooi

Hi, my name is Denise.
I work as a Paramedic on a community team in Calgary, Alberta. I usually describe my job as being similar to home care but with a twist. The twist part speaks to the many interventions the team can offer an individual in a community setting that would otherwise be done in hospital. I’ve been apart of that team for about 4 years and in varied volunteer and paid capacities of EMS for 12 years.
In my spare time, I enjoy long walks by the beach and the warmth of the sun tempered by a cool breeze ! All jokes aside, I am pleased to be a part of this amazing team and look forward to working with the people of Kampala to enhance their Emergency Medical Services.

Volunteer - Helena Gonzalez

Helena Gonzalez

My name is Helena Gonzalez, born and raised in Calgary AB from Chilean immigrant parents. In 1988 at a tender age of 1 year I was involved in a MVC that unfortunately took the life of my mother, approx. 6 month later I went into respiratory arrest which with the fast actions of my older sister, father and few great paramedics I was revived. After these entire event we moved to BC and then to South America (Chile & Peru) for 6 yrs. Once I moved back in Canada in 2000, I finished High School. After years of working in the restaurant business I decided in 2011 to take my EMR, in 2012 I finished my PCP writing ACoP in Feb 2013 which is the year I started my career EMS. Since Sept 2013 I’ve worked in Atikameg First Nation with North Alta Ambulance, in Oct 2013 I started my career AHS North Zone, with training in Air ambulance. In 2015 I was hired in Edmonton Metro. As my career expanded I felt the need and compassion to help others increased. With the passion of wanting to learn more and being a CPR survivor it’s been my goal to teach and be able to share my skills and story with others. I’m so proud of being part of a team that feels the same way. I’m looking forward to what this experience will bring to me.

Volunteer - Megan Hall

Volunteer – Megan Hall

Originally born in Fort McMurray AB, I come from a family with 3 other siblings and large extended family. When I was 8 years old I moved to Newfoundland with my father after spending 10 years there I ventured back to the mainland to further my education.
My passion for emergency medical services was discovered during a first aid course 7 years ago. After that I enrolled in school as soon as I could. After completing my EMT course I was fortunate to work in various locations all across Alberta meeting some exceptional individuals along the way. About 2 years ago I felt the tug to move back to Newfoundland where I call my home.
Currently I enjoy being a wife to my husband and full time mom with my 2 beautiful children. Keeping busy working full time as a paramedic with Eastern Health. On my off days we enjoy everything Newfoundland has to offer from hiking, kayaking, swimming and family camping excursions. I am very excited to be part of the 2019 Uganda team.

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