CUES wishes to thank the following people and organizations for their contributions towards Phase 2:

Hythe Fire Department
Hythe Thrift Store
Ian Wallace
Chance Robertson
Terry and Nicole Schenk
Wabasca Hospital Staff Association
Kyle Jussila
Nolan, Carly and Shaun Knight
Dianne Mark
Linda Martin
Robert Godel
Marie and Bob Sutherland
Marjorie Godel
Jagmeet Singh
Nawale Moallem
Robert Koester
Don and Kathy Harper
Paula Bissell
Hythe Athletic Association
Krista Bissell
Shea Wilson
Phaydra Auger
Hythe Legion
Craig Hewitt
Elaine Gunanoot
Annette Diemert
Steve Watson

Without your help, our work would not be possible.