Phase 2 Summary

Phase 2 is complete! The team of 4 volunteers arrived in Kampala on February 4th, and worked until March 3rd, incidentally avoiding the deep freeze in western Canada. During the month 27 people in 2 classes were taught the CUES First Responder course, with some amazing results. The enthusiasm and gratitude of those students made the job much easier and much more fun. Upon graduation the new Responder Team was presented with very comprehensive First Aid backpacks, which included both consumable supplies and diagnostic equipment purchased with funds so generously donated by our supporters.

The classes were held in a perfect covered outdoor space at the Kawempe Youth Centre, which was much more spacious and comfortable than the original cramped rooms used in Phase 1. The Youth Centre is a 15-minute walk from our accommodations at the Ruth Gaylord Hospital, so we got our daily exercise as well.

Phase 3 planning for 2020 is now well underway. This phase involves planning and funding on several fronts. We hope to continue our First Responder program, training and equipping another class of 15. This has proven to be very well received by the public in Kawempe. We are also working on the purchase and operation of our first ambulance. We have met with various other government and non-government groups in Uganda and are presently doing the paperwork to form the company that will run the service. Negotiations are underway as well for a facility to house the project – there are some very positive options for us. We will presently be starting a massive fundraising campaign to make this dream a reality.

This project would not be possible without the support of many people. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you – our volunteers, our donors, Timothy Walsh and Hapa Resources, Ruth Gaylord Hospital, Kawempe Youth Centre, our incredible students, and all our other supporters. We will keep you posted as things develop.

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